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Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations

A portable power station (PPS) is an off-grid electric-power solution that gives consumers easy access to electricity. The PPSs mode of operation is similar in principle to power banks. However, PPSs store a much higher amount of electrical power, making them a natural fit for outdoor events.

When a PPS relies on solar panels to generate energy, the PPS and solar panel combination is referred to as a Solar generator.


How do Portable Power stations work?



The PPS requires certain components to function. The key components required are highlighted below

  • Battery pack
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controller

Battery pack

The battery pack is at the core of the PPSs function. This is where energy is stored and later discharged to provide electric power. As shown in the diagram above, the battery pack can be charged through various means i.e. solar panels, external batteries, AC outlets and power generators. Solar panels and external batteries deliver DC power to the PPSs battery pack, while AC outlets and power generators provide AC power.

PPSs generally use two main battery types i.e. lithium-iron batteries or lead-acid batteries. Lithium iron batteries are generally more efficient than Lead-acid batteries, however lead-acid batteries may be better suited for off-grid applications where power is needed infrequently.


The inverter converts Direct Current (DC) stored in the PPSs battery into Alternating Current (AC) which is required for powering household devices. The inverter ensures the power output from the PPS aligns with the specifications of most appliances. This is critical to the safe operation of the PPS. Similarly, in instances where AC power is used to recharge the PPSs battery (i.e. AC output or power generators), the inverter converts this AC power into DC power that is then stored in the PPSs' battery.

Charge Controller

The charge controller ensures that the PPS battery pack is charged efficiently and safely by the power source being used. This item ensures that current going to and leaving the power station is adequately regulated

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