About us

Skywalkzy is a subsidiary company of Different Aesthetics LLC. Skywalkzy empowers outdoor enthusiasts and those passionate about renewable energy to get the most out of every adventure! With our innovative portable solar power systems, we make tapping into clean, sustainable energy easy and reliable. We believe that living sustainably should not be a compromise - rather it should be an opportunity to experience nature in new ways.

Our mission is to provide quality products that enable individuals around the world to explore their environment with confidence while minimizing carbon footprints. Our vision is an empowered, nature-friendly future where adventurers have all the tools they need for long lasting experiences without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Join us on this journey today!

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the real-time availability of an item, please use one of the following methods below

email - sales@skywalkzy.com
Phone - +1 (801) 895 3438 or
Mail - 2750 S Preston Rd STE 116199, Celina TX 75009
reach out to us at "Contact Us" page